Thursday, 1 May 2014

Garry Thomas Morse: Geomantic Ripostes

Photo by Garry Thomas Morse, J2

Geomantic Ripostes
Imagine an experiment set in some Idea of North where a jaded overtly self-important poet of First Nations’ extract is sent into exile from his West Coast ancestral seat after a gripping Tribal Council and dropped down in a bitterly cold prairie city in Canada ... (read in full)

I was delighted to find A Night for the Lady in the outstanding company of other world-adjusting or world-balancing poetic utterances, by Garry Thoma Morse. His series is published on Jacket2 website, and well worth the visit!

Geomantic Riposte: A Night for the Lady

The full menu-in-progress, GR@J2:

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