Sunday, 11 May 2014

mothers natures

daffodil & mamagoose in conversation (john barlow)
'a true mother' (cherie dimaline)

'Kelly wrecking up the restaurant" (cherie dimaline)

'elders gone wild' (cherie dimaline)
mothers journey @ quesnel river (christi belcourt)

Top photo is a glimpse of mama nature this spring, in TO, which reminded me of previous mama nature photos-- myself rescuing a teddy bear, Kelly Benning & Jane Marston at a charming cafe, all taken at our old lady hunting gathering in Yellowknife YT, and, many of the mothers and grandmothers-- all writers and artists-- gathered near Likely BC, for the mothers journey writing retreat with Maria Campbell.

Admittedly, i am guessing about who took which photo, 
except in the case of the first, but these are my best guesses. 
Like the image below, they are "from the archives," capture some of the beauty & joyfullness of mothers' true nature, mothers in springtime, etc.

Mother's Day: CBC Aboriginal asks, 'What did you learn from your mom?'

Grandma Margaret Harris
Grandma Harris, Margaret Harris, taught many women life skills and supported our flourishing, through Traditional Mothers programs and dance troupes and freelance mentoring relationships. Alongside other gifted woman mentors, she nourished that part of the urban community who had taken on the mother role, and who wished for some guidance in connecting more deeply with self, role, community, and indigeneity. In a rare recent visit, we spoke mostly about books, writers, and saints, and she did reflect for a time on dance as cultural expression. She told me that the Goose Dance, which she taught the mothers at Indian Homemakers Association (as was), was one that she had learned from her elders, from her relatives, in situ in northern Manitoba, way back in the day. Although I would be hard-pressed to show you the complete dance today, more than a glimmer of it, it was my favourite of all the dances shared: A swirling femininity and a sacred celebration of the self, in community. 

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